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Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test[產品打印頁面]

Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test
  • 如果您對該產品感興趣的話,可以
  • 產品名稱:Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test
  • 產品型號:BE-6047
  • 產品展商:貝爾
  • 產品文檔:無相關文檔

Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test: This machine is suitable for simulating the circumstance that various batteries suffer from squeeze when disposing of domestic waste (such as compacting rubbish).

Battery Crush&Acupuncture Test
Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test Features:
1. The wire coat is covered with metal fire tube which can effectively prevent the wire from burning caused by the ignition during the battery test;;
2. It is equipped with a lighting lamp so that you can clearly see the status inside the test chamber;;
3. The acupuncture/squeeze speed (10~80mm/s) can be adjusted at will;
4. The acupuncture/squeeze force value (1KN~15KN) can be set at will, meeting different standard requirements;;
5. Equipped with a test hole and two additional air outlets; the additional air outlets and the exhaust fan can more effectively and quickly exhaust the test waste gas and air pressure; the test hole is designed to detect the temperature or air pressure inside the test space;
6. The controller, isolated from the test chamber, can be operated 1~2 meters away, which can provide a certain safety measure..
1.01. Purpose
(1) Squeeze test:This machine is suitable for simulating the circumstance that various batteries suffer from squeeze when disposing of domestic waste (such as compacting rubbish).
(2) Acupuncture test: This machine is suitable for simulating the circumstance that various batteries suffer from acupuncture when disposing of domestic waste (such as compacting rubbish).
1.02. Principle
(1) Squeeze test: Place the battery between two planes and squeeze it. Apply a squeezing force of about 13KNthrough a bench clamp or a hydraulic arm (pistonφ32mm) and keep squeezing until the reading of the pressure gauge on the hydraulic device reaches 17MPa and then release squeezing once upon reaching the maximum pressure.
(2) Acupuncture test: The test should be carried out under the environment temperature of 20± 5. Place the battery equipped with a thermocouple (the contact point of the thermocouple should be fixed on the large surface of the battery) in the fuming cupboard and impale the central position of the battery’s largest surface at a speed of 20mm/s-40mm/s with a steel needle (φ3mm ) of no rust corrosion.
二、Applicable Standards
2.01.GB/T2900.11-1988 ID IEC60086-42000
三、Battery Crush &Acupuncture Test Main Technical Parameters
3.01. Model No    BE-6047
3.02. Pressure range1000N~13.0KNAdjustable
3.03. Force value error     ±1%
3.04. Unit conversion     Kg/N/Lb
3.05. Squeeze/acupuncture modeHydraulic pressure
3.06. Acupuncture speed     : 10~40mm/S(Adjustable)
3.07. Time delay function     : 0~9999 S Settable
3.08. Steel needle    φ2mm X 100mm ~φ7mm X 100mm1
φ8mm X 100mm (1)
3.09. Test space   200 X 200 X 200mm
3.10. View window    150 X 150mm Anti-explosion glass affixed with anti-explosion membrane
3.11. Additional air outlet       Two additional air outlets on the left side of the chamber body
3.12. Exhaust         Equipped with a exhaust fan at the rear side of the chamber body
3.13. Lighting         Equipped with a lighting lamp at the top inside the chamber body
3.14. Pedestal         Equipped with four universal castors, freely movable
3.15. Outside size     W88 X D67 X H211 cm
3.16.Control box size   W35 X D35 X H104 cm
3.17. Machine weight     about 250Kg
3.18. Power supply         3∮ 5W 380V 50HZ

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